GCAM for Xiaomi Pad 5 and Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro Full Stable version

 Hello everyone if you have a Xiaomi Pad 5 or Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro device then this blog post is for you.  After lots of trials and downloading hundreds of GCAMs, I finally found one application working perfectly without any bugs. So so in this blog post, I will share that application and will tell you how you can install that and can click great pictures on your Xiaomi pad 5. 

GCAM for Xiaomi Pad 5

And I also want to mention to you that the same application is also perfectly working in both Xiaomi pad 5 and Xiaomi pad 5 Pro. So you don't need to worry. if you have any of these tablets this application will work perfectly without any problem.

This GCAM 8.4 version offers you all the normal camera features in a pixel mobile like night mode, portrait mode, HDR and HDR enhance mode also you can take videos from both front and rare camera and also have the panorama and photosphere mode.

If you have a Xiaomi pad 5 then you have your phone camera of 8 megapixels and your rare camera of 13 megapixels though there is another camera cut out in the back but that is just for show. 

Stock Cam vs GCAM

In another hand, in the Xiaomi pad 5 Pro, you have a 16-megapixel front camera and 13 megapixels of the rare camera, and also a wide-angle camera. You can use all of these cameras using this GCAM mode application. 

Though it is very obvious that you will not take photos with your tab all the time as it is very big and not suitable for photography right! But I am pretty much so that you will take a lot of selfish with its front camera as it has a very big screen and maybe you will use it as a mirror sometime 😜. And you have already noticed that the pictures taken with the default camera are not good enough only the document scanner of the camera is perfect but the pictures taken from that camera are not that sharp and good. And currently, I am also using this GCAM only for taking selfies with this tablet, as it is really fun.

How to use GCAM for Xiaomi Pad 5

Download the GCAM for Xiaomi Pad 5

First, go to the below of this post and download the GCAM for Xiaomi pad 5. it is around 200 MB of application so fast download it. I have provided the Google drive link so it will be very easy for you to download and there is no time count and all that stuff so it will be very easy for you to download the GCAM on your tablet but if you want to support me, please have a moment to subscribe our YouTube channel.

Enable Third Party App Installation

To continue the installation process if you are installing any application for the first time without Play Store then you need to enable the third-party app installation from your settings. Otherwise, you will not be able to install this application on your Xiaomi pad 5. Or you will get a pop-up while trying to install this application just click on the check box and wait for 10 seconds then click on ok then try to install that app again.

Open the GCAM 8.4

After you install the application you will see to option to open the application so tap on the open and your GCAM 8.4 will open. No configuration file is required for this application that I have tested so feel free to use it as you want. I have personally checked that every feature in that app is perfectly working. Even the astrophotography and motion photos are also working perfectly without any issues. And pictures clicked on night mode are full of details and very sharp and have a high dynamic range. I hope you will love the pictures click with this GCAM mode.

Bugs I found in GCAM for Xiaomi Pad 5

I have told you there are no bugs in this GCAM for Xiaomi Pad 5. Every feature is working perfectly fine and you can use both your tablet's front and rare camera. And the results are also pretty amazing. But I found some problems while using this camera and the stock camera simultaneously. I found while using the video mode in GCAM that it's going black. And after that, the stock camera is also not able to access the camera. And after the sort of time period, it is showing a message that the camera is not able to connect or the camera is not connecting like that. 

gcam vs xiaomi stock cam of mi pad 5

As this thing happened on the same day after I bought this Xiaomi pad 5, and I got really panicked about that. Not only the pixel camera but also the stock camera stopped working. So then I just restarted my tablet and it got fixed. So there is nothing to worry about if you are facing the same issue just restart your tablet and it will be fixed in no time. It is not like that it happens all the time. It happens sometimes so feel free to use this camera as you want. 

Download GCAM 8.4 for Xiaomi Pad 5

GCAM Gcam-8.4.300.build-V7 by XDA Devs.apk Download

Full credit for this GCAM mod goes to XDA Developers.

I hope this blog post was quite useful for you and all of my experiments and hard work will give some value to you and your tablet 😄. So if you find this blog post a little bit help helpful so don't forget to share this with your friend.