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 Today I am going to tell you about a book named 'Rich Dad and Poor Dad', and trust me this was the first book, after that, I got an interest in reading books. No, this book doesn't tell that everyone should read books but yes, after reading this book you will come to know that there is some essential knowledge for every person, even more than the common educational knowledge, that is not included in our study syllabus.

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Essay on your favorite book
    As an example I must say, for our whole educational journey we are normally taught how to earn money or how to get a good job. But according to the writer Robert T.Kiyosaki, in the modern world, the knowledge of spending money is more important than earning it. How many times have you seen, a person under financial pressure while doing a fair job? Well, this is the situation of most of the job employees, almost in every country.

   As I told you if we don't have the proper knowledge of money and how to utilize it then we will lose it. This same happens to them, as our educational system doesn't teach us more about the money. But I personally believe, financial knowledge is the most essential knowledge for everyone.
From our childhood, we are taught about how to be a good student, and to earn good marks in academics. Then about doing higher studies and having a well-salaried job as our gift. But it is not mentioned anywhere in our syllabus that what we will with that salary.
And it is true in the end we all have to save money, as money is that powerful thing that can provide you mostly all the necessary things to survive. But the saddest truth is most of us, are not aware of this.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Short Summary 
   For this reason, after reading this book I have a conclusion that we must have proper financial knowledge along with good educational knowledge.
But sadly 59% of Indian citizens are poor and 45% of Indian citizens are from a middle-class family. This simply means most of our parents also do not have proper financial knowledge. For this reason, it becomes harder to receive proper knowledge about wealth.

   If you noticed in the history you will see, most of the famous richest people in the world did not complete their academics at all. And in some cases that don't have any interest in the traditional educational syllabus. This simply proves that there is some knowledge in the world, more useful than scoring good marks in academics.
In this book, Robert T.Kiyosaki has simply explained how he had earned the financial knowledge in his childhood and became the millionaire in Miami Florida. He shared the different thoughts of his two fathers, one of them was his real father and another one was his friend mike's father, the rich dad of the story. According to his rich dad, people don't become rich by his money, but anyone can become rich by a rich mentality and habits.
He always taught them always to use their brain, as he believes that our brain is the most powerful computer in the world. And honestly, for me, the most beautiful line of this book is "Proper physical exercise increases your chances for health, and proper mental exercise increases your chances for wealth."

  As my friends, we are about to enter into corporate life within a few years, and I think this is the perfect book that will help you in financial guiding. As the language of the book is very easy to understand and closely related to our life.

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  If I have abled to grow a little interest in this beautiful book by this short review, I'll hope you will definitely read this book. You can check out our other book reviews from scikn blog.