Story Book or Cartoon Which is better

From my childhood, I have read a variety of storybooks in my life and I am also a fan of cartoons also. I have read almost the meaning of the famous storybook available in the market and also what famous cartoon series as well as read them from comic books. In my journey between the storybooks and cartoons, I have noticed some differences between them. So, I think I can give you a short note on-topic storybook or cartoon which is better. Throughout this post, I will explain to you my experience between storybooks and cartoons.

Story Book or Cartoon Which is better
Story Book VS Cartoon

Before starting the Differences between a storybook and a cartoon first of all we need to know that what is a storybook and what exactly a cartoon is.

What is a storybook

 A storybook is simply a book that contents a story or a description of any incident or matter.  storybooks are text-heavy content.  images and pictures can be rarely seen in a storybook.  but modern storybooks also contents colorful pictures but we should call them picture books.  in the story, bookThe quality of text get Priority so that there should not be any grammatical mistake or Could not be any mistake in tense.  any storybook you will see paragraph after paragraphs.  and the whole story is evolved by these paragraphs.

What is cartoon

A cartoon is also based on the story but in this case, generally, a cartoon is based on a short story.  the main specialty of the cartoon is a visual and virtual cartoon character.  that's why if you buy a cartoon book you will see e a variety of pictures stating each and every scene of that character.  it is very similar to a drama book, where each and every scene has to be described in a form of a picture. In a cartoon book, you will see a picture stating the fact of what is happening in the picture.  that's why there is a lot of differences between a cartoon and comics.  cartoon contents less picture than a comic book.  in a comic book, every conversation is developed using a picture. You can see single or multiple characters are talking and everything described is in an active voice, in a comic book.

Difference between storybook and cartoon
The cartoon must have a virtual character

Difference between storybook and cartoon

There is a lot of difference between a storybook and a cartoon.  general storybook contents a longer story.  whereas a cartoon expresses a short story. In storybook pictures can be rarely seen but in the case of a cartoon, almost every scene is described in a form of an image.  Both of study book and cartoon uses the passive voice. In a storybook, the text gets priority whereas in the case of a cartoon image or the virtual character gets priority.

why storybook is better

In general, a storybook is more mature than a cartoon.  through my life journey, I have seen that people stop reading or watching cartoons after a certain age.  but why there is no age limitation for reading a storybook.   nowadays people take it as a fashionable item to read storybooks in public places.  do according to my experience storybook can give you better knowledge and experience than a Cartoon book.  But definitely, it depends upon the story which is covered by that book which you are reading.

Why cartoon is better

In my childhood, I normally used to its cartoons as my short time entertainment.  Generally, cartoons reveal a short fact. This totally depends upon the short story with the cartoon its covers. It may be knowledgeable or maybe just for providing entertainment. In general, cartoons give us entertainment.  whereas normally story content some inner meaning with it. cartoon very useful for a child to spend their free time.  it cartoon uses simple and easily understandable language so that any kind can easily understand that cartoon.  that's why Reading and understand a cartoon is way easier than understanding a story.

Summary of storybook vs cartoon 

At last in the summary, I must say that both the storybook and cartoon is good.  in some time both a storybook And a cartoon contained some useful message with it.  both of them have some uniqueness with it.  And everybody should explore both a storybook and cartoon in his life. 

Hope you have loved this short note on-topic storybook or cartoon which is better. And probably I have availed to explain to you which is better in which perspective. If you have any other thoughts or any other opinion, please comment yours below of this post.