Difference between features and functions

 A function is an application of features. Simply, if a tool is used to provide a service, then the tool is called features, and the service is called the function of that tool. In another way, the feature is the physical property that provides the facility. And the facility or service provided by the feature is called the function. Like, a modern smartphone has a fingerprint scanner,  and it provides biometric security.  In this case, the fingerprint scanner is the feature of a modern smartphone,  which provides a biometric security function. 

Difference between features and functions
features VS functions

I hope the upper paragraph was enough to clear your doubt about the difference between features and functions. Though I am going to explain the difference between features and a function with a deep explanation below.  Before writing this post I searched this topic on the web,  visited several forum websites also,  but didn't find any satisfactory answer from anywhere.  After that, I started my research on this topic and found a satisfactory and better answer with examples. 

So, in this post, I will cover all of my opinions about this topic,  and also clear some doubts which I found from some forum sites and comments. I hope after completely reading this article you will have an in-depth concept about features and functions. As I am going to give the answers to several questions regarding the confusion between features and function.

What is a  Feature

The feature is the main tool or the physical property which we use to get some services from it. That's why it is the thing that helps to achieve the functionality. For example, your headset has a Bluetooth module in it, and it is a feature of your headset.

What is a function

The function is the service or the goal that can be achieved by using a feature. It generally describes what something does. For example,  your headset is wireless,  and it is a function of your headset. More simply your headset has a wireless connectivity function for having a Bluetooth feature in it. 

What is a module

A module is a product or service that can provide multiple functions. The feature is used by a module to provide one or more functions. In this way, we can use a single feature for multiple services. It is like a  service that can give some more services. 

Difference between features and functions 

Talking about the difference between the features and functions, a function is an application of features. Features are the tools or the physical object that is used to accomplish some particular functions. That's mean the functions are the goals and it is the final product or the outcome that should be achieved by implementing some features. So we use some features to get some functions from it. 

In the case of a business model perspective, a feature is something that can make your product different from others and can help your product to stand out from others. Whereas the function is something that will depend on how your product will respond when the features of your product will be used. That means the function is the thing that returns the value of that product. and any product gets famous only for its functions,  as functions directly interact with users. 

As features are some objects,  that's why it is a noun.  where are functions are some activities that's why it is a verb.

Let me explain to you more elaborately. Let's talk about the example of a translator application. Now what type of features we usually see  in any type of translator application

  1. It must have a drop-down menu to select the target language
  2. it must have an audio input spot
  3. It must have a section where it will show the translated language

Now what are the functions we can usually see in the translator application

  1. it can translate a  language into another language
  2. it can translate audio

Confusion between features and function

Surfing through some websites, forums, and comments  I found there is a lot of confusion between features and functions.  people are getting confused between some phrases. So now I will try my best to mitigate the confusion between the phrases with some explanation and examples.

‘I want this feature’ versus ‘I need this functionality’

We use this upper phrase a lot of time in our daily life.  and especially weak use this type of term while buying some gadgets or smartphones.  that's why I will use some technical examples to clear this doubt. 

Let's consider, here the speaker wants to say that he wants a smartphone that will have a fingerprint sensor. Now,  ‘I want this feature’ means he wants a smartphone that should have a fingerprint sensor in it. And,  I need this functionality means he wants a smartphone that has biometric security so that he can use his fingerprints for security purposes.

‘The functionality of version 5.0 is much improved’ versus ‘The feature of version 5.0 is much improved ‘

Let's consider,  here the speaker wants to say something about Bluetooth.  Now, the feature of version 5.0 is improved, which means The Bluetooth hardware version 5.0  is better than the previous version.  And the functionality of version 5.0 is much-improved means the Bluetooth connectivity service of the device has been improved. 

Examples of features and functions

No Feature Function
1A tool is used to provide a serviceThe service received by the tool
2Fingerprint scannerBiometric security
3Bluetooth ModuleWireless connectivity

Here are some examples of features and functions which will help you for better understanding. 

Examples of features and functions
Difference between features and functions


I hope after reading this post your doubt and confusion between features and functions will be cleared. I have tried my best to explain the difference between features and functions so that anyone can understand this very easily. I also tried to explain this with some of our daily life examples. I hope this post has helped you with a better understanding. Though, you still have any kind of confusion or questions feel free to ask me in the comment section. I will reply to your comment as soon as possible.