Write a letter to the Electric Office to Change the Meter Box's Cable

In this blog, we will learn how we can write a letter to the electric Supply department or to an engineer from the electric office to request them for changing our how's meter box's main cable. 

In India sometimes it happens that we but updating our electronics equipment. Like maybe someone is installing an air conditioner in their home, maybe it is a geyser, refrigerator power generator, or anything maybe a Bitcoin mining setup. That's why if their main cable is not so strong and thick they need to upgrade their main power supply cable that is attached to their current meter box. And only a person related to the electric board is authorized to change that cable. That's why we need to request them to come and have a look at our meter box and change that old cable.

request to Change the Meter cable
letter to the Electric Office

So here is the sample letter that you should write to an assistant engineer or any officer who works in the electric office so that they can arrange a visit to your home and can proceed further.

Please keep in mind you must know your electric board name from where you get your electric supply and your customer ID. As these things, you have to mention in your letter. 

And also remember if you want to add any more information in this letter you can definitely add but you must keep it very simple and clear. As electric officers are very busy they will not spend much time to understand your letter. So as far as possible please keep your letter neat and clean and simple.

Date - 04/05/2022

Assistant Engineer
Asansol, West Bengal

SUB: Requesting to Change the Meter Box's Cable

Respected Sir

My name is Snehesh Dutta, and my consumer number is ............................

I need to change the main cable connecting the meter box and the main switch. The main cable coming from the meter box is thin and not capable to run the air conditioner in my house.

So, I am requesting you to change the meter box's cable of my house.

Yours sincerely
Snehesh Dutta
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letter to the Electric Office
letter to the Electric Office to Change the Meter Box's Cable