Preparation of timetable for good eating habit

It is a good habit to maintain a timetable for eating, it also helps our digestive system to work properly. as taking regular meals at a regular time helps our digest system to do its job properly. not only that we should also take care of what type of food we are eating. as a proper diet, it helps us to keep our body fit and fine. and a fit and fine body can only concentrate on work. 

timetable for good eating habit
Timetable for good eating habit
Remember a car can not go faster without having low-quality fuel. not only that it will also face a problem if you use good fail but the car’s engine condition is not good. Accordingly, our body is the engine and food is our fuel. that's why we have to take care of both our body and our food. That's why it is very much necessary that you should follow a proper timetable for your food. And it will help you to keep a good eating habit with maintaining a proper diet. 

Preparation of timetable for good eating habit

The highly nutritious single-origin probiotic, Mediterranean anti-inflammatory food has the following features:

(1) low in carbohydrates and fat;

(2) high in protein (11-23%);

(3) high in fiber (4-6%);

(4) low in total sugars (2-4%) and amino acids (7-12%);

(5) optimal bioavailability (150ml is a dose equivalent to half a meal or 3/5 of a single-serve tube).

It also has the following advantages as an excellent addition to your dietary habits:

(6) easy to digest,

(7) low in carbohydrates and fat (high in protein, fiber, and calcium);

(8) low glycemic index

(9) high levels of thiamine, protein, phosphorus, iron, niacin, calcium, and zinc;

(10) generally low cost;

(11) a nutrient profile that is easy to eat, digest, absorb, assimilate and maintain as a solid muscle-building whole food;

(12) good levels of probiotic Bifidobacterium lactis.

But how do you eat it?

Moroccan yogurt is available in most central and provincial retailers, in semi-prepared and refrigerated forms, and can be used to make many healthy yogurt drinks such as or more easily homemade yogurt shakes and smoothies. But traditional recipes for eating it as a 'serving' are most popular and widely used.

For starters, add 1 scoop (1 tablespoon) per glass of fruit juice or water and mix. Add mint, and another dash of juice, for more flavor and enjoyment.

However, most people simply mix it with yogurt or non-dairy milk such as vanilla, soy or coconut milk, and eat it as a main course with fruit or vegetable sticks for a yummy dessert. You can simply follow the recipe below to make it a tasty meal.

This book consists of a series of smaller recipe booklet pages that show how to make three popular Mediterranean dairy products or Moroccan yogurt shake combos for an average individual from all walks of life.

Cooking Style

There are also some shorter pages explaining how to cook some other popular Mediterranean dairy foods like Moroccan riz or Ethiopian mizouk, which are also of special interest to others wanting to learn how to cook these traditional family food staples.

The use of dairy ingredients in our cooking is highly recommended to improve health and well-being. There is compelling scientific evidence proving that dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, and milk products including cottage cheese (huarache) are among the most nutritious foods available.


There are many health benefits associated with these foods, such as the reduced risk of common chronic diseases such as heart disease, digestive tract disorders, asthma, osteoporosis, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. These foods provide the optimum source of protein, vitamins, minerals, calcium, and phosphorus, and they also act as important sources of B vitamins, which are important for the development and function of the nervous, immune, and reproductive systems.

Another good reason to include these nutritious foods in our everyday dietary habits is that they help you stay active, they contribute to maintaining a healthy weight and they are lower in fat, which helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.

In addition, people with lactose intolerance can drink moderate quantities of raw, semi-skimmed, or low-fat milk products.

The timetable for good eating habits is 10 years, not short. Enjoy a meal every day. I make most of my healthy meals by starting at 10am. I make most of my healthy meals by starting at 10am. Sometimes I don’t have time to eat before 10am but I just drink green tea and wait for a good reason to eat. I ate at least 20-30g of healthy food in a day like broccoli, tomatoes, nuts, wheat, vegetables, and potatoes. I can also eat cheese but not the salty one. I made it healthy by planning the food at least for a week. Don’t eat at the last minute. Not all the food is healthy. That’s the rule for me. I do good food at the weekend.

How often?

For the first few weeks, it was very difficult to do but I have good health now. I eat at lunchtime for lunchtime and at night for dinner. I ate at the time I wanted. I kept a timetable.

Timetable for good eating habit

It’s good to eat breakfast. I eat breakfast at 5 am and at 7 am. That’s a good time for healthy eating. It’s good to eat dinner. I usually eat between 7 and 10 pm. I eat only healthy food. I eat my evening meal at a time I like. I enjoyed most of my food. I learned that I need to relax my habit of eating in 5-10 minute intervals. I make it quick. Yes, it’s a habit. It’s good to have a healthy diet. You can enjoy healthy food. I was eating the food which I liked. The time for a good food habit is 4-6 hours. It’s short. I was expecting to feel sick eating healthy food at every meal.

I hope this post was enough to make you understand how you can prepare your diet and eating timetable. I will suggest you always take advice from a good diet expert, as he has good experience of diet. Not only that you should also maintain that with a proper timetable.