Essay on Fight Against coronavirus COVID 19

Write an essay on Fight Against COVID 19

This is an essay writing on the topic of fighting against covid19. This essay has written within 800 words. And suitable for 10 marks of essay writing.


It was a very tough situation as all the social gathering was banned, cities and countries were stopped, schools in theatres, as well as all religious places, were also closed. People were advised not to go outside without any reason to stay hygienic and avoid close contact with the person who has a cough and cold. But I am not talking about our current situation caused by the coronavirus. Yes, but it is quite similar to our current situation but was more dangerous than the coronavirus, I am talking about the Spanish flu in the 1918 pandemic (H1N1 Virus). 

Essay on Fight Against coronavirus COVID 19
Essay on Fight Against COVID 19

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In Spanish flu, more than 500 million peoples were infected and caused the death of 50 million people all over the world only in one year. If I am not wrong the death amount is more than 3 times the death that occurred during World war 1. According to Wikipedia the 1918 flu have killed up to 12 to 17 million peoples in India, and it was a quite large amount compared with the death occurred for corona.

Essay on covid19
Essay on covid19

So the question is if we have experienced this type of situation before then why we are not able to handle the coronavirus. Well, the proper answer to the question is we don't learn from history. It is a very powerful and meaningful line that.

'History repeats itself'

Forecasts and Predictions

A few weeks ago the video of Bill gates become viral as he guessed this situation 5 years ago. Not only Bill gates many monks and books also became viral as this type of prediction was mentioned there. But I think it is very normal as in every century the world has faced this type of situation.
As in first the world faced plague, then in 18th-century pandemic occurred for cholera, then in 19th-century Spanish flu came, and now the novel coronavirus.

Records from History

It is a reason why this type of virus causes a pandemic. As in the time of pandemic finding the proper vaccine for the virus is not remains the only solution. Proper supply of food goods and services and maintaining civil orders also becomes more challenging. People face financial crisis job losses and other difficulties.

Records from History
Records from History

In these types of situations, people get affected by a huge number and it becomes more difficult to handle this type of situation even for a good health care service. We all know that a few weeks ago Italy was the most affected country for coronavirus, whereas it has the second position in healthcare service world-wise.

What we should do

We should follow proper guidelines then we can get victory over this situation. We should have proper information about this pandemic, and try to avoid all rumors. Trusting the rumors and conspiracy theories and not following the Government's orders and doctors' advice can make things worst.
The proper vaccine may be the ultimate solution for any pandemic. But still, it becomes time-consuming and expensive. And it is recorded that after having the proper vaccine only a few people take vaccines. It is the responsibility of every citizen to maintain proper hygiene in this type of situation. Maintaining lockdown and self-quarantine properly will be useless if proper hygiene is not maintained.

We should not take personal hygiene lightly. I believe that lockdown can handle the spread of the coronavirus but people do not follow it accordingly. As in the time of ebola people were not sending the infected people to the medical department and keeping them inside their home and these encourage the spread of the virus. In my opinion, people do not obey this type of rules properly, is the problem of our psychology. As people become more stressed during this situation. They started using more resources than regular and this causes inflation. For this reason, medicines, foods, and other goods and services are not properly distributed.

What we should do
What we should do


In the conclusion, I want to say that, people should not follow the rumors and negativity from social media. Ultimately it gives people stress and fear. We should encourage people to take proper precautions and maintaining proper hygiene. In this type of pandemic, one should not criticize any people if he becomes infected. This type of thing also makes a way of spreading the virus. As after being criticized normally people start to hide their weaknesses. Every single person places a very vital role in this type of situation. In South Korea, almost 80% of the virus spread by only one single infected person. That's why we should understand our responsibilities and importance. 


I have described some facts from the book 'the psychology of Pandemics'. I hope you have earned some good knowledge from this post. If you want you can check out my other book summaries on scikn.

summary of the psychology of Pandemics
the psychology of Pandemics

I hope we will overcome this situation quickly and will receive a virus and pollution-free country. Lastly, I want to tell everyone to stay home, stay safe, and only go outside if it is extremely necessary. #weshallovercome the pandemic.