Features of electronic voting machine using Arduino

  Creating an Electronic voting machine using Arduino is one of the most popular projects for beginners.  In this project, one can learn how to take input in Arduino with an input device and to show any message in an LCD display.  Basically, this project is built by using the two most useful modules of Arduino.  The first one is a type pad or any tactile switch for providing input in Arduino and another is an LCD display to show the result in a visual manner. 

That's why I should definitely recommend any beginner to try this electronic voting machine project using Arduino.  As this project will help him to gain a lot of experience and knowledge about how the input and output system works in Arduino.  Not only that he can also participate in several technical competitions with this voting machine and a good project with good quality output is always get rewarded. 

Features of electronic voting machine using Arduino
Features of electronic voting machine using Arduino
In real life, there are lots of advantages and features for using an electronic voting machine. And when we can create an electronic voting machine using Arduino it becomes more flexible and cost-effective.

Features of electronic voting machine using Arduino

Cost Effective

Building an electronic voting machine using Arduino board is very cost effective. As we will use the Arduino and it's compatible modules while creating this project and Arduino modules are very easily available. And we can also buy them from online stores. while building the project if we accidentally break any of the components we can easily replace that particular component, as it is totally like a DIY project. And as I have told you that the components are very cheap so this project should fit in everyone's budget.

Low Power Consumption

Creating this electronic voting machine using Arduino. and an Arduino is a very power efficient microcontroller. Generally, an Arduino board runs on 3.3 voltage to 12 voltage. Not only that Arduino consumes very little power while running. That's why the power consumption of this project is very low. And if a project has very low power consumption then it receives higher user acceptance.

Less Manpower

This coating machine is completely electronic that's why less manpower is needed while operating this voting machine. This type of voting machine can take input from the voters and can send the result to any location if I connect it through an IoT device. then we can also easily access it from anywhere in the world and the rest of the work can do it by itself. And implementing a network facility with an Arduino board is very easy. The only manpower is needed for maintenance purposes after several time periods.

Easy Transportation

One of the useful features of the electronic voting machine is that it is portable. that's why it is very easy to travel with an electronic voting machine. rather than any electronic voting machine does not need any big box to store the voting result. all of the results can be stored in a very small Micro SD card or any very small storage device or can be e transfer to any e other location using network connectivity.


The electronic voting machine is more reliable than any other voting system. No unauthorized person can give his vote using this type of voting machine. You can easily implement any mi camera or fingerprint sensor module with Arduino board which we can use for authenticating purposes. and this will make this project more reliable.

Fastest Result

we can except an instant output with this type of voting machine. as an Arduino is enough to calculate thousands of data within some time. Not only that we can use servers for calculating a large amount of data if we just send that received data from Arduino to that server. In this way, we can receive a very fast result.


USP of electronic voting machine using Arduino
Unique Selling Point of electronic voting machine using Arduino
Hope I have mentioned all of the important features of an electronic voting machine using Arduino. Though it is a prototype and it will take time to use it in our real world. But I must say that this is a very interesting project to do and one can get good experience and knowledge while doing this project. And it is always fun to experiment with Arduino and its modules