Who are Managers and Types of Managers

Who are Managers? 

Managers are those folks, that get work done from the opposite individuals, who are working within the organization. so we will say that manager is someone, who works with through others or the employee by coordinating and integrating their work activities so as to accomplish organizational goals.

Who are Managers and Types of Managers
Who are Managers

So managers are those people, that motivate others who are working within the organization. They coordinate the various activities of the organization, they integrate the work that's being done by the various people at the organization. They're doing all this so as to accomplish Meeting the organizational goals.

These managers play an awfully important role within the organization because they're those, who implement the managerial practices and also the management principles within the organization. And only for these the general efficiency and productivity of the organization increases.

Types or Classification of  Manager 

These managers will be classified into three categories. They're the highest level, middle level, and first-line managers depending upon the hierarchy and also the role that they're playing within the organization.

classification of Managers
Types of  Manager 

1. Top Label Manager

Let's first discuss the top-level managers. These people are the ones who formulate the strategy of the organization. they're chargeable for making organization, right decisions, and establishing plans and goals that affect the complete organization. So top-level managers introduce the CEO CFO and therefore the top-level people. They develop the mission and vision for the organization. they give the impression of being into what are the various things that they have to try within the next coming five years and ten years. So that they can meet the goals of the organization.

2. Middle-Level Manager

Next comes the center managers these managers the worker. They manage the work of the primary line managers and there are they're to blame for For converting the strategy into an action plan which means the strategy, which is formulated by the top-level managers. This strategy is converted into an action plan by the center managers and this action plan is then communicated to the first-line managers who implemented so middle managers play a really crucial role in formulating the action plan based upon the decision which has been made by the highest level management.

3. Lower Label Manager

Then the lower-level managers are called because of the first-line managers. they're at the bottom level of the management and manage the work of non-managerial employees. they're the ones who actually get the work done from the subordinates from those who are literally functioning on the machines and which are at which are non-managerial employees.

So, we will say that top-level, middle-level managers and first-line managers play a vital role in the organization. they need their distinctive roles top-level managers to formulate the strategy middle-level managers convert the strategy into an action plan and this action plan has been condemned communicated to the primary line managers first-line managers or those who actually get the work done from the Managerial employees.